Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Raleigh, NC Durham, NC Chapel Hill, NC


Sahaja Spirit inspires personal + professional growth + evolution so that you may inspire the world. As an assistant, mentor and affiliate teacher trainer for Shiva Rea's Samudra Global School for Living Yoga, it is my passion and purpose to offer Prana Vinyasa® Lifestyle Immersions, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga Teacher Mentorships + Continuing Education Workshops to deepen your dedication to the path of practice as the fertile ground from which your creative offerings flourish.

Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Raleigh, NC Durham, NC Chapel Hill, NC Carborro, NC

prana vinyasa yoga teacher training

A Nomadic, 200/300/500-Hour Yoga Alliance Approved, Samudra Global School for Living Yoga Affiliate Program. Circulating Prana Vinyasa® throughout the Triangle - Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina + Beyond.

Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Raleigh, NC Durham, NC Chapel Hill, NC Carborro, NC

navigating the flow yoga teacher mentorship

Navigating the Flow Yoga Teacher Mentorship unites our Triangle-wide yoga teacher community through personal and professional growth and evolution. May we be continually supported, nourished and interconnected as we navigate our teaching journeys. 


Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Raleigh, NC Durham, NC Chapel Hill, NC Carborro, NC

Shannon Reeder's Yoga Teacher Training Testimonial

What is Your greatest CHALLENGe in Yoga Teacher Training?

My biggest challenge is very clear: TIME! It seems like for the past few weeks, every moment of the day is valuable and being utilized. It's challenging to prioritize my practice to the extent I'd like to. I was able to carve out time for my sadhana by getting up extra early. I cherished that time and structured morning rituals that allowed me to have it. I would like to carry that over into my daily routine as taking time to breathe and meditate in the morning made a huge difference in my attitude when the day started getting busy and stressful.  

In an ideal world, I'd love to make teacher training my main focus. I'd love to dive even deeper and cultivate my connection to the practice even more, moving in a more committed way towards embodiment. It frustrates me when I'm not able to fully commit because of the million items on the daily to-do list that have to come before my practice - my Om Work, readings, meditations, etc.  I'm having a hard time finding balance.  BUT, I realize that is normal. We have to live in the world and continue to be an active participant. So, I feel like that's part of the work... to cultivate balance and commitment in living up to daily responsibilities and requirements, while at the same time committing to creating, cultivating and visiting this sacred space as often and as willingly and joyfully as possible.

What is one thing you LOve about Yoga Teacher Training?

What I love about YTT is everything else! I am intrigued by the world of yoga. For as long as I've been practicing I feel like I'm only on the precipice of a journey that will be with me for a lifetime! It's such an exciting and overwhelming thought. It's the knowledge I return to when I get frustrated by lack of time - that it doesn't all have to be right now, that this is a journey, and that I have every day to return to it. This is the first time I've been fully committed to my practice. In the past, I've had times of practicing very regularly then long periods of doing nothing. I'm scared of YTT ending and this commitment waning because I'm at my personal best when I'm immersed in the beauty of yoga. I'm fascinated by all of it: the history, the philosophy, the sister science of Ayurveda, and the grace, beauty, power and fluidity of the physical practice. We've had such special experiences lately with the full moon practice, and it's led to the chance to get to know everyone going through this process better. My whole life comes down to the choices, and I want to make conscious choices to surround myself with people that share that space, eat foods that work best for my constitution, study and understand yoga, continue to work with the challenging poses without the ego and frustration interceding, and everything else that flows along that direction.  I've always known I was attracted to yoga, but with diving deeply into it I've uncovered a true passion for it. I'm so happy that I made the decision to join the YTT program and make a conscious start down this road.  


Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Raleigh, NC Durham, NC Chapel Hill, NC Carborro, NC
Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Raleigh, NC Durham, NC Chapel Hill, NC Carborro, NC

Jordan Maxwell's Mentorship Testimonial

what was your intention for the program?

My intention for the program was to receive more one-on-one feedback from my teacher and use the program as an opportunity to deepen my knowledge and skills as a student and teacher.

how did you realize that intention throughout the course?

I realized that intention when I reflected on why I was traveling 3 hours for a workshop. I love these opportunities to learn and study with my teachers and I think that the distance and cost was totally worth it.

what was the greatest strength?

A lot of it felt familiar from my trainings, but it was so helpful to review and deepen that knowledge. I felt really good with the private practices, and loved working on handstands!

what was the greatest challenge?

The greatest challenge throughout the program was Yoga for Beginners. In my teaching practice I felt comfortable teaching somebody athletic who was brand new to yoga, but I didn't feel comfortable teaching somebody who is not only new to yoga but is also just getting into movement. I felt like what I was teaching was too difficult, and not what the student needed. It was difficult to teach a class that seemed very different from my own practice.

how has your practice / teaching changed over the duration of the program?

My handstands have improved lots over the duration of the program! And, my assists feel more confident and like I have more to offer. I also just started a Yoga for Beginners class, and it's going awesome! They are leaving eager to come back. It's rewarding to see my beginner students loving their yoga practice and encouraged to keep themselves moving. I'm also really happy that I've been able to keep in mind that not all students come to class physically prepared for plank or down dog, but it's cool to work on the steps to get there.

what's next on your evolutionary edge?

I'm excited to continue my Yoga for Beginners class. I am so happy that my students are happy with it! I plan on continuing to come to the hands-on enhancement workshops every season. And, I am still looking forward to my trainings with Shiva, then maybe start assisting, and trying to go to the Institute of Ayurveda... I don't see it ever ending.