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Emergent Improvisation for Dancers + Musicians

  • Living Arts Collective 410 West Geer Street Durham, NC, 27701 United States (map)

Emergent Improvisation relates the act of structuring to natural, complex systems and time-based artistic practice.

In Emergent Improvisation, developed by Susan Sgorbati, dancers and musicians will learn how to compose in the moment through solo, duet, trio and group scores inspired by formations found in nature.

Led by Carson Efird and Joe Westerlund, and open to all dancers and musicians desiring to hone their improvisation skills, we will begin with solo warm ups and progress into larger group scores. While each individual artist refines their improvisational impulses we will simultaneously form a collective consciousness that invites us to compose spontaneously as an ensemble. Previous dance and/or music improvisation experience required.

The practice and performance of Emergent Improvisation addresses the nature of improvisation in dance and music. In this context, improvisation is understood to mean the spontaneous creation of integrated sound and movement by performers who are adapting to internal and external stimuli, impulses, and interactions. Ordinarily, we think of order and form as externally imposed, composed, or directed. In this case, however, new kinds of order emerge, not because they are preconceived or designed, but because they are the products of dynamic, self-organizing systems operating in open-ended environments. Learn more >>>