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INHALE THE MOON: Lunar Prana Vinyasa Flow + GONG BATH

  • SAHAJA S P A C E 125 East Parrish Street Durham, NC, 27701 United States (map)

“The soul, like the moon, is new, and always new again.” -Lalla, translated by Coleman Barks

The nourishing, rejuvenating inhale is akin to the moon. You will Inhale the Moon by embodying lunar Prana Vinyasa Flow sequences guided by Carson Efird inspired by Shiva Rea. Through an integrated asana, mantra and mudra practice you will move circularly like the moon herself at a relaxed, receptive pace that invites Ida Nadi to flow freely. The reservoir of Soma, lunar nectar in your body, will be replenished by imbibing pranayama and moon bathing in meditation. As the 14th century mystic yogini, Lalla says, you will renew your soul in the same way that the moon is ‘always new again.’ Let's come together to subtly awaken the microcosm of our creative beings with the macrocosmic rhythm of the new moon rising.

The Gong is a therapeutic instrument that raises an individuals internal vibratory frequency. The layers of sound produced by the gong help reduce stress, stimulate the glandular system, and serves as a powerful energetic source to break up emotional, physiological and spiritual blockages. In this experience guided by Alisha Nissenfeld, practitioners will settle into Savasana as sound waves ripple through the room, bodies, and energy channels to make space for what is new, fresh, and needed to move forward.

Alisha Nissenfeld began exploring yoga 18 years ago, and in 2001 became a certified teacher through Sonic Yoga in NYC. During that time, Alisha also completed a Masters in Social Work, and has worked with individuals in treatment facilities utilizing Talk and Behavioral Therapy (primarily yoga) as a form of empowerment/motivational therapy, relapse prevention, and detox. Alisha is a learning enthusiast and regularly attends Continue Education Workshops with renowned teachers across the world. In May 2014, Alisha and her family moved to North Carolina and is passionate about spreading her love and light through her connection to the earth, community building, and  mindful- intentional living.  Alisha is available for private sessions, small group sessions, workshops, and Gong Bath Meditations. For more information visit