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Spanda Shakti: Pulsating through the Koshas + GONG BATH

  • SAHAJA S P A C E 125 East Parrish Street Durham, NC, 27701 United States (map)

The Pancha Koshas, the five layers of our human experience as described in the Upanishads, offer a clear pathway to both journey inwards and expand outwards. From a Tantric perspective, the Koshas are layers of Shiva consciousness that Shakti dances through in a divine pulsation of expansion and contraction, or Spanda.
In this workshop, the Koshas will guide our exploration through asana, free-writing, meditation, mantra and yoga nidra as we navigate the subtle relationships between our bodies, breath, minds, hearts and blissful states of being. We will first move inwards excavating the deepest layer of our beings, our bliss bodies, and then we will bring that joyful awareness to the surface to shine outwards and share with the world. Open to the Community. 2 Yoga Alliance CEUs available.

“The Self is the source of abiding joy.
Our hearts are filled with joy in seeing the source
Enshrined in the depths of our consciousness.”
-Taittiriya Upanishad translated by Eknath Easwaran

This practice will conclude with a healing Gong Bath by Alisha Nissenfeld to release energetic blockages and wash away tension. The gong is a therapeutic instrument that raises individuals' internal vibratory frequency. In this experience, practitioners settle into Savasana as sound waves ripple through the room, bodies, and energy channels creating space for what is new like the moon.

Prana Vinyasa® classes provide the community and inspiration of a one room class room in which all kramas (steps), modifications and variations, are offered to meet you where you are as you are.