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Exhale the Sun: Solar Water Prana Vinyasa Roots Practice

  • SAHAJA S P A C E 125 East Parrish Street Durham, NC, 27701 United States (map)

Saturday + Sunday 10:30am-12pm - Register for one or both.

The expressive, active exhale is related to the sun. Rise + shine like the sun by embodying solar Prana Vinyasa Flow sequences inspired by Shiva Rea. Moving at an invigorating rhythm you will awaken through an integrated asana, kriya, mantra and mudra practice that invites Pingala Nadi to flow effortlessly like liquid gold. We will kindle Agni, the fire of life in your belly, through stimulating pranayama + sun-kissed meditations re-charging our sustainable energy center. Let's come together to illuminate the microcosm of our dynamic beings with the macrocosmic rhythm of the sun rising.

In this Solar Water Prana Vinyasa Roots Practice you will join current yoga teacher trainees in experiencing the activating variation of the foundational water-inspired Prana Vinyasa sequence created by Shiva Rea exploring the Eka Pada Rajakapotasana family of deep hip + heart openers. This solar practice will invoke an invigorating energy through Surya Namaskars, arm balances, twists, heart openers + inversions. Open to the community.

Prana Vinyasa® classes provide the community and inspiration of a one room class room in which all kramas (steps), modifications and variations, are offered to meet you where you are as you are.