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New Moon, Renewed Spirit: Wild + Free Summer Beach Retreat for Everybody

  • SAHAJA S P A C E Litchfield, SC (map)

Renew your spirit living in conscious community next to the 'continuously creating' ocean during our two-night New Moon Beach Retreat! We will yoga, cook, swim, meditate, walk and talk together, and there will also be ample time for you to dive deeply into your own visioning of your new moon intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. Let's fill our energetic cups so that we can offer our creative manifestations to the world from a place of abundance, generosity and support. Looking forward to open, relaxed days of living in rhythm with the moon, tides and breath waves with you!

Food: Open kitchen. In order to keep cost + stress low and accommodate everyone's dietary needs/preferences the full kitchen will be open for all to use as and when they like. Bring your own food from home or plan on shopping at the local markets including Fresh Market. There are also several awesome restaurants to go out solo, with a friend or with the group.

Recreation: In addition to enjoying the beach right out the front door of the condo, and the pool right across the street there is the opportunity for: Massage + Spa Appointments, Kayak + SUP Rentals, Shopping + Local Excursions. 


Private Accommodations: $540

Shared Accommodations: $270/person 

Feel free to email with questions as they arise.