Navigating the Flow: Yoga Teacher Mentorship

"Creative action and choices spring from the gift-giving impetus... We create journeys for others to be received in the spirit of a gift." - Anne Bogart

Yoga Teacher Mentorship Raleigh, NC Durham, NC Chapel Hill, NC


With the abundance of newly certified yoga teachers locally and internationally it is my passion and purpose as a long-time teacher trainer to ensure that the teachers we are creating are continually supported, nourished and interconnected as they navigate their teaching journey post-teacher training. This need presents an exciting opportunity to unite our Triangle-wide yoga teaching community through personal and professional growth and evolution.


Graduating from teacher training is just the beginning. Full of knowledge and inner wisdom you begin to assimilate the abundance of information you received in real time with friends, family, colleagues, and people you have never met before. While establishing your teaching practice and student base a lot can arise, and, as the teacher, the river guide of flow, it might feel like you are going at it alone after leaping from the safe haven of your teacher training. Navigating the Flow provides a forum in which we can honestly and openly ask these questions of ourselves and an intimate group of teachers in the same boat. We are all on this journey together. 


Sustaining your teaching path once you are in the rapids is something that you can not prepare for until you are in it full-on and realize the sweet victories and challenging teachings of becoming a yoga teacher. You have manifested your intention! Now the question is: how do you continue to support yourself so that you can serve your students from a full heart, balanced mind and vital body? Navigating the Flow offers an opportunity for you to return to your practice and re-dedicate yourself to a yogic lifestyle as the inner-compass from which you teach. 


Your authenticity and personal expression as a teacher resides in your personal experience. You do not need to be everybody’s yoga teacher. In Navigating the Flow you will refine your teaching in a way that reflects your passion and purpose and attract the students who resonate with you. This is the beauty of an abundant community of yoga teachers, there is a teacher for everyone and we can become more of ourselves because of it. Let’s bring this creative and diverse population of Triangle-based yoga teachers together to share resources, learn from one another and consider the larger questions of our greater yoga community. 


We teach to deepen our dedication and studentship to the path of practice. And, the more we teach, the more we realize all that we have left to learn. That is what Navigating the Flow Yoga Teacher Mentorship is all about. Learn more >>>

Carson Efird