Prana Vinyasa® flow yoga



Prana Vinyasa® is an evolutionary method of embodied transformation and radiant health created by Shiva Rea.

Prana Vinyasa® cultivates:

  • Inner and outer strength and fluidity

  • Skill and intuition

  • Vital energy and relaxed being

  • Activation and receptivity through balanced and creative fluid sequences

  • A catalyst for transforming old patterns and paradigms of the body, self and the world to discover the potency and creativity within

  • A way of liberating the natural flow of spontaneous intelligence

  • A cultivation of the art of yoga including: movement, music, sound, visual arts and poetry to deepen the flow

  • A way to ride the waves of breath, change and life rhythms

  • Living, loving and serving life in all forms

Prana Vinyasa® classes are ritual sadhanas and breath inspired journeys that offer a complete spectrum of rhythms from meditative and rejuvenating to challenging and empowering. The wave of a class is created through cycles of effective and creative sequences linked together through the breath.

Every class is well rounded. Following the mandala of asanas Prana Vinyasa® creates whole body transformation of strength and fluidity, circulation and centering. Drawing on a base of over 27 Namaskars, classes offer a means to explore the fullness of one’s self from solar to lunar while being centered in the flow of breath.

Shiva Rea Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

“The secret to living flow is to see and feel your life as waves of vinyasa - rhythmic cycles - that connect throughout the flow of the day.”

-Shiva Rea, Founder